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Residential Gundog Training


Taking all the stress away from you

If you're struggling with time or your dog is proving a little challenging for you to train, residential training could be the answer.

The length of stay is determined by the training required as well as the rate of learning of the dog.

My residential gundog training addresses individual issues i.e. bad delivery, poor retrieving, right through to the complete training of a dog.

I pick up and beat on a number of shoots, allowing me to work with a dog and to finally put practice into the real thing.



To be Added:

List facilities

Photos - rabbit pen, dogs jumping (walls, fence etc), water work


Exercise Regime - cannot be held responsible for any injuries, although will aim to avoid at all costs. Recommend dogs arrive insured

Beating - steady, reliable, hunts close, controlled

Peg dog - steady, calm, reliable, handles well, takes direction

Picking up - reliable at distance

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