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FTW Whaupley Lancaster

of Tarncrag (Luke)

One of the primary stud dogs at present, a happy go lucky lad, with a positive outlook on life. Another one of my versatile dogs, Luke could one day be working on a shoot day then trialling the next. He started his field trialling career in 2019, winning early on and has gained awards in each trial he has ran in being Mr consistent. Regularly featuring in the Sporting Gun, Luke is always waiting for his next picture to be taken.

FTAW Tarncrag Dreamster 


Litter sister to Evie, Ziggie has to be my most honest dog in the kennel. Sweet natured and loyal, she always wants to be by my side and wanting to please. She has gained awards in every field trial she has competed in, being pipped to the post by her sister in her first trial. Great little bitch to spend a days shooting over, knows what she's there to do, so requires very little input from me, which makes it a fun day out. Again, another stable member of my picking up team.

Tarncrag Golden Glory



Home bred out of my foundation bitch Maddie (FTW Golden Nectar). From the outset he's shown a tonne of natural ability and has proved straight forward and easy to train.

Confident, yet very honest temperament. After a hard days work, he enjoys nothing more than coming into the house and chilling by the fire. With a cheeky personality, he is a fun character to have around.

Cash is an invaluable member of the picking up team and my 'go to' dog. He is extremely versatile, I can go beating one day then have him sit patiently at my side picking up the next.

FTW Tarncrag Dreamchaser



Where to start with this bitch. You will be lucky to catch a glimpse of her.

Another of the team which has been bred from my foundation bitch Maddie. Fun loving and very confident with her own way of dealing with things at times. Highly driven, yet challenging at times, the perseverance has paid off with this little lady. Winning her first field trial, she then went on the gain a remarkable 4th in her first field trial open, both in the same season. During the shooting season, she accompanies me picking up with an astounding eye, she never misses a fallen bird.

Helmsway Holly 


Lizzie joined Tarncrag in 2018 and fitted in straightaway. She is a sweet natured bitch, always looking for attention.

Despite her small stature, weighing only 9kg, she is a hard hunter and fearless in cover. With a big heart, she will never leave a fallen bird and picks even the largest of cock birds.

Brybwll Quinlan



FTAW Crimson Promise


One of the originals at Tarncrag Gundogs, she has been by my side since 2011. The eccentric auntie figure to the pack you could say. Nellie has a playful, sweet character and a good disciplinarian to the young, up and coming members of the pack.

She has been in two field trials, achieving a certificate of merit in her first trial. Another versatile pack member, brilliant at both beating and picking up. She is always waiting to jump in the truck on the shoot days.

Rowston Sublime 


A cheerful Cocker with bounds of energy, she likes to live life at 100mph.

With a soft yet tenacious attitude, and a huge amount of natural ability, Josie is set to become another of Tarncrags field trialling dogs. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the next few years has to bring for this little bitch.

Adoraden Abbie



Brybwll Quinn 



Jofless Ava



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