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One-to-One Gundog Training


Tailored to the needs of the individual dog

Whether your're looking for your gundog to be a controlled and effective beating dog, a steady and calm companion at the peg, or a reliable picking up dog, then my one-to-one training would be the ideal first steps. 

On arrival, I will make an assessment of your dog to determine their level of training before creating a suitable plan for you both. It could be a particular issue we can correct in a single lesson or alternatively a course of lessons may be of greater benefit to address your training requirements. 

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This course will take you through the first steps in the gundog world.

It is designed to put in place the initial stages that a young dog needs before going on to a more formal structure. It is also the ideal time to inform inexperienced owners on the do's and don'ts.


Based around managing the appropriate stimulation for an active mind with a "games" foundation, introducing suitable practices. It also includes advice on other essentials such as diet, how much exercise and what to do with the dog outside of the training to establish the correct habits.



This training is aimed at the slightly older dog who's mature enough to understand and take on more formal training. 

This training includes;

  • Whistle commands and hand signals

  • Hunting games

  • Retrieving exercises 

  • Lead work



This is the natural progression from the Novice training plan. 

This training includes;

  • Introduction to fur and feather

  • Directional work

  • Hunting (close by and at distance)

  • Advanced hunting and retrieving

  • Jumping

  • Water work

  • And more …


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