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I'm Fran Ardley, owner of Tarncrag Gundogs here in Cumbria, with over 18 years experience training Labradors, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels. 
Throughout the shooting season, you'll either find me on the moor picking up on the grouse with my pack of Labrador s and cockers, or in the trialling field where I'm pleased to say I've gained a good amount of success with the cockers over the years.

Away from the shooting season, I spend part of my time training my own dogs, whether that be for the shooting field or for trialling. The other portion of my time, I spend training my great clients which I really enjoy. I offer a variety of gundog training options from foundation to advanced, whether that be on a one to one basis or within a group setting. I've developed a reputation as a trainer with a calm and gentle approach, gaining the dog's complete trust, making life for all much more enjoyable. My positive attitude to gundog training has proven successful, allowing me to achieve the results both I and my clients want.

Throughout the year I also breed from my exceptional pack. Always breeding with temperament, health and working ability at the forefront. I have a 5 star breeders license which I'm extremely proud to have achieved.

Feel free to browse my website where you can find more about my achievements in the trialling field, my team of dogs, planned litters or use my online booking to start your journey with Tarncrag Gundogs.


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