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I'm Fran Ardley, owner of Tarncrag Gundog Training here in Cumbria. 


With over 15 years experience training Labradors, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels, I offer a variety of training courses for gundogs from foundation to advanced.


I've developed a reputation as a person who, with a calm and gentle approach, gains the dog's complete trust every time, making life for all much more enjoyable! 

My positive attitude to gundog training works, allowing me to achieve the results both I and the owners want.

My home county provides me with every type of habitat a gundog trainer could want. From rabbit ground to grouse moors, pheasant shoots to rivers and ponds, I have every kind of terrain close by, allowing me to turn a potential gundog into a well rounded and trustworthy one. 

While most owners want their dog trained for hunting and retrieving game, I'm occasionally asked to train up a dog for the more advanced and demanding gundog field trial competitions, something I both judge and have had success in.



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